PT0285 Cable

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PT0285 Cable
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PT0285 Cable

Product code: WX-013-0066
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Cable to the ZR-03/1 and ZR-04/1 Powerbank
Cable to the ZR-03/2 and ZR-04/2 Powerbank
PT0020.10 Cable
PT0285 Cable
PT0364.10 Cable
PT0167.2 Cable
PT0453 Cable
PT0347.2 Cable
PT0443 Cable
PT0020.5 Cable
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PT0285 Cable

RS 232 cable: weighing device (HRP, MWSH, MWLH) – computer with a plug for connecting the SYS-1544-2415-T3-HRP power supply.
  • Cable length: 5 m 
Compatible with:
  • HRP Platforms
  • MWSH Weighing module
  • MWLH Weighing module
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