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Checkweighers have been designed to provide complete control and production process optimization, supervision over dosing devices, control of product packing correctness and pre-packaged goods control accordant with the regulations. Large quantity of solutions and numerous configuration options allow successful adaptation of these devices to existing technological lines.
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Reliable and productive RADWAG checkweighers are widely operated on production lines in numerous branches of industry, e.g. food, chemical, pharmaceutical and others. They enable weighing of any loads in an automatic cycle, wherein perfect measurement accuracy at high performance is ensured.

This product group includes devices for control of single loads and also instruments for bulk packing. A distinctive checkweigher feature is customization allowing the customer to adapt the device to match unique characteristics of a given product. Numerous possibilities when it comes to checkweigher configuration, enable users to expand the instrument’s functionality by installation of some additional devices such as metal detectors, labelling systems, light signalling units etc.

The greatest product group comprised within checkweigher range are dynamic scales of high throughput and accuracy, intended for weighing of loads in motion while transported on a conveyor. Dynamic labelling scales additionally provide the option of automatic labelling of the weighed goods. For weighing of large loads, pallet goods or bulk packaging, roller scales are used, these allow to carry out weighing either in a dynamic or static mode, i.e. when the transported product stops upon entering the load receiver. The checkweigher range includes also rotational scales, intended for control of single cylindrical loads (bottles, jars, tubes, etc.) of very small diameter. Each offered checkweigher can be integrated into the customer technological line.
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