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Weighing modules

MAS weighing module
MPS Weighing Module
MWSH Weighing Module
MWLH Weighing Module
MWMH Weighing module
MW - 01 Weighing module
MW - 04 Weighing module

Electromagnetic weighing modules manufactured by RADWAG feature max capacity ranging from 220g to 35kg, and readability of 0.1mg – 0.1g range. With such wide selection you can choose model suiting your manufacturing process requirements the best.
Compact design allows integration of the module into the customer’s production line whereas convenient fixing method provides easy installation.
Unique measurement precision characteristic for readability of 1d guarantees both repeatability and readout of actual results.
Innovative design facilitates quick, i.e. taking less than 1 second, stabilisation of a weighing result which allows to integrate the modules into automation systems.
RADWAG-manufactured weighing modules are a guarantee of reliable weighing results under any conditions, this is due to an in-built auto adjustment system. Option of editing the adjustment schedules enables adoption of the adjustment process to a time schedule of a manufacturing line.
Hermetic versions of the modules feature stainless steel housings with IP65, such degree facilitates operation in industry wherever high hygiene standards accordant with HACCP, GMP, FDA, CFR21 regulations concerning safety and quality have to be met. Cooperation with RADWAG terminals means access to complex applications intended for industry. Set of numerous interfaces enables integration of the modules with PLC controllers and customer’s applications.

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