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Weighing Tables
Anti-vibration weighing workstations facilitating precise weighing in laboratory and industry. Due to special construction they eliminate ground vibrations, significantly improving weighing quality and accuracy. Weighing tables are an indispensable equipment of each weighing room.
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Weighing precision and accuracy depend on the used instrument advancement but not only, it is also conditioned by the working environment. Ground vibrations may be one of the main causes of mass measurement errors. A proven method for their elimination is use of professional anti-vibration weighing tables manufactured by RADWAG.

The weighing table range comprises numerous models that differ by intended use, construction, material, comfort of operation. The most stable solution of this category with a high ratio of vibration dampening is an anti-vibration table featuring a granite top, intended mostly for mass comparators and weighing instruments of the highest resolution. Robust steel construction with a massive top made of polished granite stone and equipped with vibration isolators guarantees perfect isolation of the measuring devices from vibrations transferred by the surroundings.

Steel anti-vibration tables are the most popular solutions intended for both laboratory and industrial equipment. The steel construction combined with MDF top and stone-made stabilising slab resting on a separated base is a good protection against external vibrations and also those generated by an operator.

A separate category of this product group comprises professional weighing workstations, intended mainly for microbalances and analytical weighing instruments. This solution may serve also as a workstation for pipette calibration. Steel construction of the anti-vibration table with a stone-made top has been finished with a clean-cut MDF desk. Two lockers facilitate installation of a computer, a rack mounted to the top is intended for a monitor.
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