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RADWAG moisture analyzers offer advanced solutions when it comes to moisture content analysis and dry mass measurement.

Referring to over 30-year long experience and practice of our engineers, the moisture analyzers we design allow to carry out measuring procedures with the highest accuracy. Extensive functionality and vast range of applications enables use of these instruments in many industries and areas of knowledge.

A special algorithm for controlling the operation of heating elements allows you to maintain an adequate drying temperature and provides high measurement rate and accuracy. Dynamic temperature control provides short analysis time and repeatability in a series of measurement.

With use of different heating elements, RADWAG moisture analyzers facilitate carrying out humidity analysis of different types of samples (different consistency and structure). Various drying modes enable obtaining the preset temperature by means of individual methods.

Maximum control of a drying process is possible due to various forms of online visualisation of the said process. Depending on a model, moisture analyzers provide displaying:

  • Diagram on drying (drying curve drawn dynamically)
  • Bar graph on sample’s weight control
  • Preview of measured value (g, %M, %D, %R)

Used to measure relative content of moisture in diverse substances, they provide researchers with a set of reliable, high-precision tools and functions to conduct their work accurately and efficiently.

RADWAG’s moisture analyzers are an excellent choice due to their technological advancement:*

  • LCD color touch panel ensures simple operation and control of the measurement,
  • portable panel raises the comfort of work,
  • data exchange through USB port simplifies the transfer and analysis of gathered results,
  • set of basic communication interfaces makes the instruments compliant with most of modern laboratory equipment.

The range of available features and functions of moisture analyzers makes them a comprehensive working tool used by pharmacists and researchers on a daily basis.

*The available functions may vary depending on the selected model.

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