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MYA 4Y Microbalances
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XA 4Y.M.A Microbalances
XA 4Y.M.A.P Microbalances

RADWAG microbalances are highly precise laboratory weighing instruments offering maximum weighing accuracy.

They are operated where the said accuracy and reliable measurement are a must. Vast range of microbalance applications and its extensive functionality not only address the need for professional mass measurement but also guarantee that requirements of the most demanding processes are met.

Features such as wireless communication between the weighing unit and a terminal, IR sensors activating programmed operation, or Wi-Fi® enable transfer of data to mobile devices.

Adherence to GLP, GMP, CFR21 procedures makes it possible to use the balances in professional laboratories: pharmaceutical, petrochemical, cosmetic and other.

Automatic calibration, 2-point adjustment system, new and faster CPUs and other advanced technological solutions. All this results in one of the best microbalances available currently on the market.

Amazing repeatability and accuracy of measurements meet the highest demands of laboratories, pharmacies and other facilities where the highest precision is a crucial requirement.

As all RADWAG’s weighing equipment, the microbalances were designed not only to offer the best precision and reliability. They also ensure comfort, efficiency and safety. The most popular communication interfaces, including USB ports, make data exchange much simpler. The clear, intuitive panel facilitates effortless control and operation of the instrument.

Select the most suitable weighing equipment for your laboratory, pharmacy or research facility.

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