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Analytical Balances

XA 4Y.A Analytical Balances
XA 4Y Analytical Balances
XA 4Y.F Analytical Balances
AS 3Y Analytical Balances
AS X2 Analytical Balances
AS R2 Analytical Balances

RADWAG analytical balances are almost as accurate as the microbalances.

Due to the best weighing characteristics, repeatability and high measurement rate they are intended for the most demanding applications.

There are three different series of analytical balances: 4Y, X2, R. This wide choice provides you with the most optimal solution suiting your needs and requirements.

  • The 4Y series represents the professional line of this product group. 4Y series balances are equipped with 5,7” touchscreen featuring an intuitive menu, plus they are characteristic for an innovative 2-point adjustment system, high measurement rate and short measurement stabilization time not affecting repeatability.
  • The X2 series represents the advanced line of analytical balances. 5” capacitive screen with new, user-friendly menu and option of customization stands for comfort of operation. X2 series balances feature wide widgets selection which enables user-designed information arrangement.
  • The R series represents the standard line of analytical balances. This series comprises universal, reliable weighing instruments designed to enable performance of the most typical weighing-related operations. R series balances are equipped with large, readable LCD featuring “text line” for display of weighing process related data (product name, tare value, operator’s name). Pictograms and icons inform on currently operated working mode, computer connection state, battery status, etc. R series balances are characteristic for precise measurement, ease of operation and reliable design.

Clear display, fast CPUs, vast RAM space and a number of additional features. The RADWAG’s scales are one of the most innovative, advanced and wanted weighing instruments.

The analytical balances set a new standard for laboratory, pharmacy equipment. Apart from high precision of measurements, they also represent amazing repeatability, reliability and durability even at frequent use.

Analytical scales were designed by RADWAG experts to increase the quality and efficiency of researcher’s laboratory work. They were equipped with the most popular interface to simplify the data transfer process. Gathered results can be stored in different databases for further analysis allowing other users to work with the data.

To satisfy the requirements of diverse facilities (labs, pharmacies etc.) the balances are designed in Standard, Advanced and Professional range of weighing instruments.

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