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Environmental Protection
Professional devices for measurement of particulate matter in atmospheric air quality tests, carried out with use of a gravimetric method. Vast range of highly advanced devices for measurement of filters, realising the processes in a robotic, automatic or manual mode.

Robotic Weighing Systems

Automatic Weighing Systems

Manual balances for filter weighing

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Atmospheric air quality tests require extremely precise, professional measuring equipment. RADWAG product range comprises numerous advanced solutions intended for environmental protection institutions, research centres and industrial laboratories.

The most popular devices of this product group are , they offer completely automatic measurement totally eliminating the risk of errors caused by so called human factor. Equipped with large, multi-position magazines for storing filters, they also comprise an in-built air-conditioning and humidification system guaranteeing stable ambient conditions in the chamber. realise the measuring process in a fully automatic mode providing users with a highly precise measurement within a short time. They have been designed to test change in mass of filters made of quartz glass fibre, glass fibre and Teflon. These robots feature multi-position filter magazine and an in-built air conditioning system. Both the robotic and automatic solutions enable conditioning of the filters in accordance with the requirements of PN-EN 12341 standard.

RADWAG offers large selection of . Particular models enable measurement of various filters, different one from another in terms of type, shape and size. They are a guarantee for high weighing accuracy of manual processes. Control and correction of mass indication means stability of weighing regardless of the weighed filter type.
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