PS M<br>Precision Balances

Precision Balances

Precise measurement of large mass loads
thanks to innovative RADWAG MonoBLOCK technology

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XA 4Y.M<br>Microbalances


Spacious weighing chamber with an
integrated antistatic ionizer (XA 4Y.M.A.I)

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THBR 2.0<br>System

THBR 2.0

Innovative solution for ambient
conditions monitoring

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Measurements of magnetic susceptibility
and permanent magnetization of weights

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PUE HX5.EX<br>Indicator


The latest solution in terms of weighing instruments
operating in potentially explosive atmospheres

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MA X2.A<br>moisture analyzers

moisture analyzers

Innovative automatic system
of drying chamber opening and closing

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Balances and Precision Scales

RADWAG is a worldwide manufacturer providing professional weighing solutions. Our products are used in laboratories where the highest quality and weighing accuracy is required. We offer ultra-microbalances and microbalances of readability d=0.1 ug.
RADWAG provides full-featured weighing systems intended for industry. Among many there are platform scales of high capacity and accuracy, checkweighers supporting weighing in motion, metal detectors or weighing terminals designed to enable monitoring of either procedures or operation of applications designed to support manufacturing processes based on weighing. RADWAG also specializes in industrial weighing systems. The information on weighing is transferred to systems recording customer related data which is then processed.
In our offer complex solutions for mass laboratories along with calibration services can also be found. Metrology Institutes may be equipped by RADWAG with automatic and manual mass comparators, THB modules, solutions for control and supervision over ambient conditions.
RADWAG has a well-developed sales network all around the world in over 130 countries. Our authorized distributors are experienced, well trained sellers who can provide customers with the best service. All RADWAG products are designed and manufactured in Poland, Europe.
RADWAG’s activity:
RADWAG balances in a laboratory:
Our laboratory balances are used in the area of research and development mostly, however, they are often used for the quality control as well. A wide range of microbalances, analytical balances, moisture analyzers and precision balances ensures reliability and quality of the weighing process. Our balances support secure data management and supervision over the procedures.
RADWAG balances on the production line:
Advanced terminals facilitate managing and control of the whole weighing process performed on a production line. By means of them various parameters can be supervised and process documentation can be safely archived. High resolution platform scales enable the most precise measurement for high capacities. The scales ensure quality and safety of your work results, they are intended for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and petrochemical industries.
Pre-packaged products control / 100% control on the production line:
Dynamic weighing solutions, RADWAG-manufactured checkweighers, guarantee weight and volume control of pre-packaged products. They are designed to facilitate increase of production line stability and efficiency. Our metal detection systems guarantee quality and product safety. With use of such system the customer’s life and health is not endangered
Mass laboratories:
Vast range of RADWAG mass comparators supports work of calibration laboratories. With our equipment, calibration of any mass standards – even E1 class – is guaranteed. Innovative mechatronic technology used in our mass comparators enables mass measurement repeatability, which ensures top quality work for both national mass laboratories and private ones.
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