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The RB 2.4Y.F filter weighing robot is intended for automatic weighing of up to 510 filters with 47 mm diameter in accordance with EN 12341:2014 standard. The device is based on the weighing mechanism of MYA 4Y microbalance, which guarantees unrivalled repeatability and readability of d= 1 µg.

All elements of the robot are enclosed in a tight and dustproof chamber protecting it against any contamination. The air conditioning and humidification system ensures stable ambient conditions inside the chamber, which guarantees correct filters conditioning. To avoid the ingress of dust to the weighing chamber, the RB 2.4Y.F is equipped with HEPA filter that filters the air outside the weighing chamber.

Ambient conditions monitoring (temperature and humidity) allows control of current chamber status and report of data.

Implementation of RADWAG device in a measuring laboratory results in a number of advantages, e.g. eliminates human error as the reason of measurement errors, ensures perfect ambient conditions regardless the environment, reduces time compared to manual procedure of filter weighing.

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