RADWAG Metrology Centre: Seminar and New Laboratory

On November 8, 2016 in RADWAG Metrology Centre the following seminar for mass comparators users was organised: 'Automation of mass standards and weights calibration in terms of improvement of measurement accuracy and cut of calibration cost'. 
The first part of the meeting took place in the picturesque scenery of 'Hotel Saski' in Radom. The participants listened to a lecture delivered by Martin Häfner from HÄFNER, Germany – worldwide known manufacturer of mass standards. He shared his experiences related with automation of the calibration processes at his own laboratory. The next lecture was delivered by Wojciech Wiśniewski from Central Office of Measures. He presented information on present condition and the future of our national kilogram standard. The last lecture concerned RADWAG capabilities in terms of mass measurements in a calibration laboratory.
IIn the second part of the meeting, the guests participated workshops carried out in the Laboratory of RADWAG Metrology Centre. During group classes, the participants got familiar with automatic mass comparators installed and operating in the laboratory. Our employees answered numerous questions and listened to many precious advices and comments.
Seminar guests had an opportunity to observe operations carried out on a new measurement station (activated the same day) intended for calibration of large mass standards and high resolution weighing platforms.
We would like to thank all the participants for their attendance. Please feel invited to future seminars to be organized by RADWAG Metrology Centre.  


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