RADWAG Dubai Training Days 2014

RADWAG Balances & Scales had a great pleasure to arrange annual training for distributors RADWAG Dubai Training Days 2014. The meeting took place on 6-8 November 2014,  and it was the 4th event of this kind. After Bangkok, Mumbai and Shenzen, Dubai was selected to be the best location allowing to gather 60 participants employed by 30 companies of 26 different countries. Among the guest there were mostly Middle East, Far East and Africa companies but also several European representatives.

The first two days were dedicated to familiarization with wide use of dynamic scales, moisture analyzers and PC software designed and developed by RADWAG company, most precisely with: 
  • Use of dynamic scales and E2R Checkweigher for manufacturing process optimization,
  • Dilemma of moisture content analysis for moisture analyzers, process optimization, proper device adjustment,
  • Dedicated RADWAG software providing communication between scales and WINDOWS, ANDROID, iOS,
  • Dealing with basic service problems, checking the scales by means of CBS PC software,
  • Statistics (SQC), minimum sample weight and printouts carried out using 3Y balances. 
The third day was devoted to individual business meetings with distributors and potential future cooperators. 

Experience of previous years and our distributors opinion prove that trainings bring direct and lasting results. Encouraged by this we have already started preparation to training of 2015.

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