RADWAG and the University of Warsaw

On November 29, 2016 in University of Warsaw Biological and Chemical Research Centre a seminar organised by the Centre and RADWAG took place. The seminar was titled 'Mass Measurement in a Chemical Laboratory'. 
The seminar was preceded by signing of Cooperation Agreement between The University of Warsaw Biological and Chemical Research Centre and RADWAG. One point of the Agreement concerned creating modern, fully equipped stations for laboratory mass measurements, located in the newly established common 'Metrological Room'. Symbolic opening of the 'Metrological Room' was carried out by: UW Rector Marcin Pałys, Director of the CMNCH UW Prof. Ewa Bulska, Dean of Faculty of Chemistry Dr Andrzej Kudelski and RADWAG's Managing Director Dr Witold Lewandowski.
The list of invited guests included: President of the Central Office of Measures Dr Włodzimierz Lewandowski, Deputy Director of the Polish Centre of Accreditation Tadeusz Matras and President of Polish Research Laboratories Club Andrzej Brzyski.
In the first part of the seminar the participants listened to interesting readings. The first lecture: „The Development and the Role of University Chemistry: History, Achievements and Directions of Development” was given by Prof. Paweł Kulesza of University of Warsaw. The second reading, delivered by RADWAG Managing Director, concerned history and development plans of our company. Dr Paweł Fotowicz of Central Office of Measures focused on the following problem: 'Determining Uncertainty of Minimum Sample Weight Measurement on Analytical Balance'. Director of RADWAG Metrology Centre Andrzej Hantz in his last lecture tried to answer the following question: 'Is There a Need for Calibration and Control of the Balances and Scales in Laboratory?'.
At the end of the meeting the participants had the opportunity to visit the newly opened 'Metrological Room'. During presentation of the stations, RADWAG employees shared their experience concerning exploitation and control over electronic balances and scales. 
We would like to thank all the participants for their attendance. We hope that creating 'Metrological Room' will enable to realize research and educational plans of the Centre and of RADWAG.

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