A brand new form of Q.C. TEST REPORT shall be introduced in October 2014 by RADWAG. The new document is designed to be user-friendly and more readable.

Current version of the said document contains complete results of performed, in accordance with NAWI directive, tests. RADWAG customers informed that the document is indeed used for implemented systems of quality, nevertheless overabundance of information hinders appropriate interpretation. As a result of the feedback information a completely new template has been designed for the Q.C. TEST REPORT in order to satisfy the recipient’s needs.

Metrological tests results, required in the area of legal and industrial metrology, are now presented in a form of numbers and charts, thus allowing less complicated balance characteristics evaluation. The errors refer to parameters guaranteed by the manufacturer, they are much smaller than maximum permissible errors established by legal metrology. This is especially important for I accuracy class balances, where the verification scale interval e may be less than 1 mg.  
The new report design comprising definitions, explanations and descriptions serves informative purposes, therefore it is helpful for those users who start to gain experience in mass measurement field.

New Q.C. TEST REPORT design does not influence procedure of assessment of conformity with NAWI directive for non-automatic weighing instruments. Any required metrological tests shall be performed as before, their data recorded and archived. It is only the design of the document that is being modified. The new Q.C. TEST REPORT shall be attached to all non-automatic weighing instruments of I and II accuracy class. The document will be generated in a respective language version, depending on the location.

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