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The PMV 50 PLUS microwave moisture analyzer is intended for measurement of sample moisture content ranging between 0.001 and 100%. Drying takes place via microwaves and is therefore as short as possible, i.e. depending on the size of the sample, it takes approx. 3 minutes. The accuracy of this device is 0.1 mg.
The PMV 50 PLUS microwave moisture analyzer by RADWAG features:
  • 4 drying programs and 4 finish modes,
  • 32 GB memory and complex databases,
  • wireless communication and Wi-Fi®,
  • large 5.7’’ touch panel,
  • proximity sensors enabling touch-free access to user-specified operations,
  • temperature sensor,
  • drying process visualization.
Additionally, the PMV 50 PLUS microwave moisture analyzer comes standard with:
  • a sample of sodium chloride 10% – it will allow you to verify if the operation is correct, with respect to the moisture content at the workstation;
  • 50 glass fibre filters – on which the sample is placed in the drying chamber.
The PMV 50 PLUS microwave moisture analyzer is suitable for all applications where there is a need to dry materials containing significant amount of water. Due to the short drying time, it has found applications in cosmetics, chemical and food industries.
Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance®.

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