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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Let these special days be filled with kindness and joy 2019-12-23
NEW - AS X2 PLUS and AS R2 PLUS analytical balances of SYNERGY LAB line A wide range of innovative construction and system solutions for advanced- and standard-class instruments. 2019-12-20
Expanded SYNERGY LAB Line – New MYA 4Y PLUS and UYA 4Y PLUS Balances The latest devices are intended for the most challenging applications. 2019-12-18
National Healthcare Expo 2019 RADWAG presented products intended for the healthcare sector. 2019-12-06
Meeting in the National Institute of Standards in Cairo The main subject of the meeting was the redefinition of the kilogram and legal regulations concerning mass metrology. 2019-12-05
Scale Editor 2.0 The software enables operation of C315, WTC and WLC weighing instruments using a computer. 2019-12-05
„New era of weighing in pharma 2019” Conference RADWAG as an expert. 2019-12-05
RADWAG Metrology Day in Manila Seminar intended for employees of the Philippine Central Office of Measures, and private laboratories. 2019-12-03
EUROPACK EUROMANUT CFIA 2019, Lyon, France This year's edition gathered almost 17 000 visitors and 650 domestic and foreign exhibitors. 2019-11-29
A new upgraded model of the DWR rotational checkweigher Throughput of even 160pcs/min. 2019-11-27
Video on Dealer Training Days 2019 We would like to invite you to watch the event footage. 2019-11-26
X International Beremzhanovsky Congress of Chemists The event was organised by Al-Farabi University in Kazakhstan 2019-11-20
BCEIA Trade Fair in Beijing During the exhibition the latest devices of SYNERGY LAB line were presented. 2019-11-12
Presentation of the SYNERGY LAB line in Korea The meeting was organized by Hansung, RADWAG distributor. 2019-11-08
„New era of weighing in pharma 2019” conference The event will take place in Cairo, Egypt. 2019-11-07
Distributor Meeting in Czech The latest products and plans for the future were presented. 2019-11-06
November Full of Events - Let's Meet! We kindly invite you to visit our stand. 2019-11-04
Agrena 2019 international exhibition in Egypt International Exhibition for the Management and Production of Poultry, Livestock and Fish. 2019-10-31
RADWAG at Radomski Festiwal Kariery [Radom Career Festival] Radomski Festiwal Kariery was organized by Biuro Obsługi Radomskiej Strefy Gospodarczej Urzędu Miejskiego w Radomiu [Customer Service Office of Radom Economic Zone of Radom City Council]. 2019-10-30
RADWAG a winner of "Radomski Laur Techniki" ['Radom Technology Laurel'] award The awards were granted during the XXXI Radomskie Dni Techniki [XXXI Radom Technology Days]. 2019-10-24
RB 2.4Y.F Filter Weighing Robot Automatic filter weighing. 2019-10-18
MINING & METALS CENTRAL ASIA 2019 Last month in Kazakhstan an event devoted to technology intended for mining and metallurgy was organized. 2019-10-17
International Trade Fair POLAGRA TECH 2019 During the event the latest version of the PUE HX7 weighing terminal was demonstrated for the first time. 2019-10-14
MAGHREB PHARMA EXPO 2019 From 1st to 3rd October 2019, in Algeria, the greatest in North Africa pharmaceutical industry exhibition was held, MAGHREB PHARMA EXPO 2019. 2019-10-10
Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL 2019 The 9th edition of the event focused on the laboratory equipment, laboratory technology, biotechnology, life science, chemicals and safety. 2019-10-07
RADWAG Asian Training Days The training gathered distributors from East and South-East Asia. 2019-10-04
CIM 2019 & Measurement World On 24-26.09.2019 RADWAG participated in CIM 2019 International Metrology Congress and Measurement World trade fair in Paris. 2019-10-03
Let's meet in October! Visit our booth during the October conferences and trade shows. 2019-09-30
Distributors Meeting in Miami The seminar purpose was both to inform and educate the participants. 2019-09-19
RADWAG in the Office of Measures in Mexico The meeting was a good opportunity to present RADWAG and to exchange experience. 2019-09-18
II Tour of POLLAB Symposium As every year, RADWAG participated in both tours of XXV POLLAB Club Symposium. 2019-09-16
PTChem 2019 On 2-6 September 2019 RADWAG participated the 62. Zjazd Naukowy Polskiego Towarzystwa Chemicznego (62. Science Congress of Polish Chemistry Association). 2019-09-13
Let's meet in September! Visit our booth during September conferences and branch events. 2019-08-30
21 CFR Part 11 in Checkweighers The DWM and DWT/RC checkweighers now feature implemented 21 CFR part 11 compliance module. 2019-08-19
New R Panel functions Access to all keys and functions that are to be found on an operation panel of R and WTC balances, weighing instruments based on C315 indicator, MAS R and MPS R weighing modules. 2019-08-01
analytica Lab Africa During the event, new technological developments with regard to laboratory equipment were exhibited. 2019-07-22
RADWAG at InterWeighing2019 in China The event took place on 10 – 12 July 2019 in Shanghai. 2019-07-15
Pharmaceutical seminar in Saudi Arabia The event was organized by RADWAG distributor, Safe Arabia. 2019-07-14
A visit to the Emirates Metrology Institute RADWAG representatives had the opportunity to discuss mass measurement and the redefinition of the kilogram. 2019-07-12
IECEx Certificate for PUE HX5.EX, PM01.EX, IM01.EX IECEx certificate confirms that the device issued with it can be operated in hazardous areas. 2019-07-10
Automatic Multi-Track DWM H2 Scale The scale is equipped with multiple tracks integrated into one construction, the tracks are operated via one operation panel. 2019-07-02
Palexpo Geneva 2019 Precision mechanics, watchmaking, microtechnology, environmental protection and medical technologies exhibition. 2019-07-02
Dealer Training in Radom Watch the Dealer Training footage 2019-06-28
RADWAG pharmaceutical seminar in Hyderabad, India The event was intended for representatives of pharmaceutical industry. 2019-06-21
New scales with PUE HX7 terminal Advanced technology and high ingress protection class of the PUE HX7 indicator enable its use in harsh industrial conditions. 2019-06-10
A new industrial indicator PUE C315 A new industrial indicator PUE C315 – ease of operation and versatility of use 2019-06-07
58th Conference organised by ČKS On 14-15 May 2019, ČKS conference on practical metrology took place. 2019-06-05
SYNERGY LAB Line – New Quality in Small Mass Weighing Innovative solutions guarantee the best precision, repeatability and reliability in various laboratory conditions. 2019-06-04
RADWAG at WOD-KAN 2019, the water supply and sewage systems fair RADWAG presented its range of analytical and precision balances and moisture analyzers. 2019-05-31
XXV Pollab Symposium During the XXV Symposium, issues regarding implementation of requirements imposed by the PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 standard were discussed. 2019-05-27
Medical symposium CannaCiencia in Colombia Two RADWAG dealers participated in the symposium presenting our latest solutions for mass measurement. 2019-05-22
Analitika Expo in Moscow RADWAG and THNL, our representative in the Russian Federation, participated in Analitika Expo, the biggest exhibition in Russia. 2019-05-10
Transfer of data from PUE HY10 terminal to the FTP server HY10 scale allows the user to configure weighing data in JSON format. 2019-05-09
Korea Lab in Seoul RADWAG and Hansung, our dealer for Korean market, has once again participated in this international event. 2019-04-26
Expanded UYA 4Y and MYA 4Y functionality - filter weighing Thanks to an innovative mechanical design , the functionality of the UYA 4Y ultra-microbalance and MYA 4Y microbalance has been expanded. 2019-04-23
Wi-Fi® as a standard solution in moisture analyzers of R series Standard version of moisture analyzers of R series have been fitted with new communication interface. 2019-04-18
MV Test Set Professional verification of RADWAG-designed moisture analyzer operation. 2019-04-17
RADWAG Advanced Weighing Technologies - Corporate Video We would like to invite you to watch a video about RADWAG. 2019-04-10
Moisture Analyzer Operation Test - Publication Sodium chloride as a reference material recommended for verification of moisture analyzer operation. 2019-04-05
Forum LABO Paris 2019 On 26 - 28 March 2019, the greatest trade fair for laboratory equipment, Forum LABO Paris 2019, took place in France. 2019-03-31
A brand new stainless steel chamber in MYA 4Y.F and UYA 4Y.F Stainless steel detachable weighing chamber 2019-03-26
Training in Laboratory Product Range in Brasil On 19 - 21 March, RADWAG experts gave Toldo do Brazil, our distributor, training in laboratory product range. 2019-03-26
IECEx Certificate for RADWAG-Designed Equipment Intended For Hazardous Areas The certificate enables authorized bodies to obtain local certificates. 2019-03-25
CFIA 2019 On 12 - 14 March 2019 in Rennes, France, the greatest trade fair intended for food industry took place. 2019-03-23
ARABLAB 2019 in Dubai RADWAG had a pleasure to present its latest range of laboratory balances at the international ARABLAB Trade Show that took place on 12 – 14 March 2019 in Dubai. 2019-03-21
EuroLab CrimeLab 2019 Trade Fair This year RADWAG microbalance for filters, the MYA 5.4Y.F, won the award in a competition for the Trade Fair Best Offer in 'Measuring Equipment for Laboratory' category. 2019-03-20
Imam University Day of Chemistry Expo 2019 On 05.02.2019, Day of Chemistry organized by Imam University took place in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. 2019-03-18
Metrology Symposium – Panel Discussion Summary Discussion in which acknowledged experts from world leading metrology institutions took part, enabled to form crucial conclusions regarding current changes in mass metrology and redefinition of standards of SI system units. 2019-03-15
Comprehensive management of the calibration process - RMCS PC software The RMCS system manages the whole calibration process, starting from the moment the order is placed, through procedure performance, to the moment of issuing the calibration certificate. 2019-03-14
Metrology Symposium: Traceability in Mass Metrology Second Edition: Future and New Solutions 2019-03-13
RADWAG expert presents the hi-tech features of the AVK-1000 vacuum mass comparator The AVK-1000 measures weight value of mass standards and silicone spheres of 100 mm diameter maximum either in vacuum or in noble gases. 2019-03-12
Video presenting operation of the RMC robotic mass comparator RMC robotic mass comparator offers fully automated process of mass standard calibration. 2019-03-12
DJAZAGRO 2019 On 25 - 28 February in Algiers, the capital city of Algeria, DJAZAGRO, the greatest trade show for food industry in North Africa took place. 2019-03-01
Asia Pharma Expo 2019 11th International Exhibition on South Asian Pharmaceutical Industry 2019-02-27
RMC Robotic Mass Comparator The latest line of RMC robotic mass comparators guarantees full automation of mass standards calibration ranging from 1 mg to 1 kg. 2019-02-25
Metrology Symposium 6-7 March 2019 RADWAG is excited to inform you that on March 6-7 2019 we and the ČMI Czech will host a "Metrology Symposium" that will take place at RADWAG headquarters in Radom. 2019-02-18
Seminar in Ukraine "Popularly about Metrology - Professionally about Weighing Equipment" 2019-02-17
PUE HX7 Indicator

The indicator allows to design multifunctional 1 or 4-load cell scales operating under harsh industry conditions.

Microwave and Infrared Radiation in Determination of Dry Mass Content in Organic Matter of Waste Water Sludge PMV 50 microwave moisture analyzer manufactured by RADWAG is a device providing fast and reliable measurement – read an article about the PMV 50. 2019-02-04
Determination of food product’s water content performed using MA.X2 and PMV moisture analyzers We would like to invite you to read the publication by Sławomir Janas, the Manager of the Testing Laboratory in RADWAG, on the determination of food products' water content. 2019-01-22
AGV-4/1000 Automatic Comparator Determination of mass standard's density and volume. 2019-01-09
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