New Year’s Wishes and Greetings from RADWAG

2016 comes to an end. For RADWAG, it was the next stage of development, market enlargement and, above all, improvement of company's reputation around the world. It was also a year of further technological development of our products. 
I would like to thank the whole Personnel for their work which made it possible to fulfil these aims. RADWAG employees are the actual initiators of company development. An integral part of the 'Personnel' is also a large group of business partners and distributors that operates both locally and globally. I would also like to thank them for their work and personal commitment. 
2017 lies ahead. Today it seems that this may be a crucial year in RADWAG history. Certainly, it will be a year forcing us to face new difficult tasks. We need to continue our current activities, introduce new products to the market and develop our global sales network even further. Moving to the new location, designed and built with special emphasis put on our needs, it is another challenge we will have to face. 
New RADWAG has several times more floor area, car park providing place for 300 cars, catering facilities (with kitchen), spacious rooms for production and development departments and modern warehouse logistics. New RADWAG also means further improvement of company's reputation both in the country and around the world. 
With such ambitious aims kept in mind, I would like to wish the entire Personnel satisfaction coming from comfortable working conditions in the new building. I wish you to meet all your plans and personal goals.
Witold Lewandowski
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