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Stent weighing balances are new devices in RADWAG product range. They include: 
  • AK-5/100.STENT automatic balance for stents, 
  • XA 6.4Y.M.A PLUS STENT microbalance for stents, 
  • UYA 2.4Y PLUS STENT ultra-microbalance for stents. 
AK-5/100.STENT balance, thanks to automatic operation, eliminates error being a result of the human factor, and as a result it improves measurement repeatability. Additionally, the device enables creating identical test conditions for the entire stent series
XA 6.4Y.M.A PLUS STENT microbalance features an integrated antistatic ionizer allowing to provide electrostatically neutral working environment, which in turn guarantees undisturbed weighing process. Extra advantages of the microbalance are: tool-free disassembly of the weighing chamber, latch-type assembly system and a stainless-steel weighing pan, these all add to ease of cleaning.
UYA 2.4Y PLUS STENT ultra-microbalance offers unmatched readability d = 0.1 μg, and a special working mode, differential weighing, allows analysis of sample mass change in the course of the technological process. 
All stent weighing balances are of the capability to weigh stents of various dimensions. Each of them is equipped with accessories intended for stents, this means a special weighing pan for stent weighing and an applicator for stent loading.
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