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New Quality of Laboratory Weighing

The AS PLUS analytical balances guarantee the highest precision and accuracy of measurements carried out as part of various laboratory processes and applications.
Innovative SynergyLAB line solutions ensure excellent performance and ergonomics of operation while being easy-in-use and convenient.

LevelSENSING System

Permanent level control.

Graphic on-screen prompts.

Information about deviations in accordance with GLP and GMP.

Function available for AS X2 PLUS balances exclusively.
AS R2 PLUS balances are equipped with a classic levelling device (spirit level) placed at the front of the balance.


Support and supervision over mass measurement in laboratory:

  • automatic adjustment,
  • touch-free operation,
  • ALIBI memory,
  • data control,
  • automatic weighing records,
  • ambient conditions monitoring,
  • remote operation.
SmartLAB is available for AS X2 PLUS balances exclusively.
Selected functions are also available in AS R2 PLUS balances.

Internal Adjustment

Modernised system of automatic internal adjustment.

100% efficiency in eliminating balance sensitivity deviations.

The highest accuracy of indications even in the most challenging conditions.


Aluminium balance base

  • Measuring system stability
  • Uniform distribution of the temperature over the housing

Enlarged weighing chamber

  • Large open-door clearance
  • Easily accessed weighing pan
  • Measurement of samples in laboratory vessels of various sizes

Radwag Connect

Remote control of the balance.

Balance screen preview via a smartphone or a tablet.

Online transfer of balance-stored data.

iOs and Android applications.

Wi-Fi® interface comes standard in AS X2 PLUS balances.
Wi-Fi® comes as an option in AS R2 PLUS.
Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance®.

Easy to Clean

Fully removable elements of the weighing chamber.

Uncomplicated and fast disassembly requiring use of no tools.

Latch-type system of elements assembly.

Easy maintenance and cleaning.

Antistatic Weighing Chamber

Discharge of electrostatic charges thanks to antistatic pane coating.

Elimination of influence of electrostatics onto the weighing results. Antistatic coating has been applied in balances with readability of d=0.01mg.

Communication Interfaces

USB flash drive support

Communication with external devices

Easy access to the USB port located at the balance front Communication interfaces availability is conditioned by balance type.

Learn about the AS PLUS Series

Vast range of functions for any laboratory application.
Select a model suiting your needs.

Analytical balances with a spacious weighing chamber for the measurement of small masses.
Readability [d]: 0,01 mg - 0,1 mg
Maximum capacity [Max]: 60 g - 520 g
Analytical balances with a spacious weighing chamber for the measurement of small masses.
Readability [d]: 0,01 mg - 0,1 mg
Maximum capacity [Max]: 60 g - 520 g
Weighing pan dimensions
Readability [d]
Maximum capacity [Max]
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