Innovations in RADWAG Software

The beginning of 2017 brought many changes and innovations to RADWAG-manufactured software  for weighing systems. We would like you to get familiar with the summary of the most interesting projects carried out by RADWAG programmers:
R Barcode
Modified R Barcode freeware is now available on our website. The software enables scanning bar codes using scanners connected to the computer by RS232. A bar code is then entered into a cell over which the cursor is placed. 
EER02 – Universal Table

Label Editor R02 now features option to create universal tables of any design and content. New function enables to form Nutrition facts label for any type of RADWAG-manufactured weighing equipment supporting labels database.
RADWAG Development Studio – Internal Preview*
RADWAG Development Studio is a new software for programmers of companies using RADWAG equipment. The purpose of RDS is to familiarize customers with RADWAG development environment, to encourage them to operate using our solutions and to increase interest in our products and software.
Layout Editor – Internal Preview*
Layout Editor is a new software for layouts customization of WLY, WPY and HY10 weighing equipment. Layout customization is carried out using intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
RADWAG Connect WIN10 – Internal Preview*
RADWAG Connect is a new software for computers and mobile devices operating on Windows 10. The software enables connection with RADWAG balances and weighing modules using local network to operate their basic functions: taring, zeroing, measurement saving and exporting. All of the above can be carried out using any desktop or mobile device with Windows 10, e.g. desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone. 
RLAB – Multiplatform View
Users of RLAB can observe few weighing platforms of balance to which software is connected at the same time - each in different window. The software is available on https://radwagusa.com website. Multiplatform view is to be found in balance settings.
E2R Formulations – Summary Reports
Version 2017.2.1, and later, enables generating summary reports for both basic and advanced reports. The summary reports compile formulations carried out over specific period of time. With this new function, it is also possible to prepare detailed reports on individual weighings.
RDBBackup  - E2R
RDBBackup is a new module of E2R software which enables creating and restoring databases backups, archiving and creating empty databases and automatic, scheduled databases copying.

* Internal Preview – demo version of the software intended for employees and interested users. 
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