IMEKO 2015

21st edition of International Measurement Confederation took place this year. It was held in Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic, form 31st August to 4th September. Around 400 guests from across the world participated the congress, among them there were representatives of various branches, to name just a few: science, metrology and industry.

In course of this 5-day long congress, during numerous plenary, technical and poster sessions, about 500 lectures were delivered to the hungry for knowledge audience. The lectures covered various metrology aspects to a maximum extent. The opening plenary session provided the listeners with discourse on a new definition of Kelvin temperature unit. The key issue of the remaining sessions was redefinition of unit of mass. Apart from lectures, one could get engaged in “round table” debates titled SI System of Units - universal language for communication of IMEKO technical committees.
During the event RADWAG employees had a pleasure to give presentation to congress attendants on “Automation of Calibration Process of Mass Standards and Weights Performed by RADWAG-Manufactured Automatic Mass Comparators”.
XXI Congress IMEKO was sponsored by many companies, RADWAG among them. During sessions breaks, congress attendants could learn and discover the latest RADWAG novelties and solutions designed to provide performance of mass standards calibration. For more information click here.
The next IMEKO Congress, XXII edition, is to be held in Great Britain in three years, Belfast shall be host to IMEKO 2018 delegates - read more.
For more information on IMEKO click here.
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