AFRIMET meeting and 70th anniversary of establishment of National Metrology Institute of South Africa

On 2 - 4 August, 2017, in Pretoria, the 70th anniversary of establishment of National Metrology Institute of South Africa (NMISA) was celebrated. 
The program of the event included session of lectures on various metrology areas. The lectures were delivered by experts of international and global metrology institutions: OIML, BIPM, ILAC, AFRIMET, EURAMET, PTB, and other African metrology organizations. 
During the event, the manufacturers of measuring equipment from all over the world, demonstrated their measuring instruments and shared their know-how. 
RADWAG was represented by LASEC Ltd., our local distributor. The visitors could get familiar with the following equipment: 4Y series balance, MA.X2.A moisture analyzer and a balance of PM.4Y series featuring monoblock. They could also learn about our instruments from catalogues and audio-visual presentation on mass comparators and the complete RADWAG offer. 
It is impossible not to mention that National Metrology Institute of South Africa (NMISA) is equipped with 5 mass comparators of RADWAG production. Three manual mass comparators of APP.4Y.KO series are operated in gas laboratory, and two automatic mass comparators of AK-4 series are used in the laboratory of mass. NMISA, right next to LENEMA on the Ivory Coast and soon also in Benin, is another body in Africa that uses our mass comparators. 
We would like to thank LASEC and all guests who visited out stand for their support and time, and for interest in our products. 
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