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Pipette calibration adapters are intended for calibration and verification of piston pipettes using gravimetric method.
Use of the pipette calibration adapter reduces maximum capacity of the balance by the mass of the weighing vessel.
The table presents the minimum reguirements in accordance with ISO 8655 standard. It also enables to select suitable adapter for pipette calibration and respective balance version.

Selected volume1 of apparatus under test
Repeatability and linearity
Recommended balance
1 µl ≤ V ≤ 10 µl 0.001 0.002 MYA 21.4Y PLUS
MYA 21.4Y
XA 6/21.4Y.M.A PLUS
XA 6/21.4Y.M.A
XA 6/21.4Y.M
10 µl < V ≤ 100 µl 0.01 0.02 XA 82/220.4Y.A PLUS
XA 82/220.4Y.A
XA 82/220.4Y
XA 120/250.4Y.A PLUS
XA 120/250.4Y.A
XA 120/250.4Y
100 µl < V ≤ 1000 µl 0.1 0.2
1 ml < V ≤ 10 ml 0.1 0.2
Adapter for pipette calibration MY 11 XA 11 XA 17 XA 100 XA 17 XA 100
Maximum vessel capacity 11 ml 11 ml 17 ml 100 ml 17 ml 100 ml
Weighing vessel mass ~10 g ~10 g ~11 g ~65 g ~11 g ~65 g

1 For practical purposes, the nominal volume may be used to choose the balance. [Reference: ISO8655-6:2002, pg. 2]
If the standard uncertainty of measurement of the balance is known (e.g. from the balance calibration certificate), it may be used instead of the repeatability and linearity. The standard uncertainty of measurement shall not be more than two to three times the resolution. [Reference: ISO8655-6:2002, pg. 2]

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