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Portability in Laboratory Weighing

  1. Elimination of extra sources of vibration

    Using wireless terminal facilitates elimination of additional vibrations resulting from daily operation on a balance. Owing to that, balances with highest resolutions might be used without the need of dedicated weighing workstations.

  2. Convenience and comfort of weighing in fume cupboards and laminar flow cabins

    Wireless communication between a terminal and a weighing module makes balance operation more comfortable and safer.

  3. Balance isolation form influence of environmental conditions

    Wireless communication allows to either place the weighing module inside a draft shield or to isolate it from the operator. This allows to weight toxic substances without putting operator's health or life at risk.

  4. Enhanced pipetting ergonomics

    Pipettes calibration process requires both, measurements precision and fast operation. Radwag wireless communication creates a new dimension of comfort for your daily enjoyment.

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