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PM X2 Moisture analyzer

PM X2 Moisture analyzer

Our X2 series, known and appreciated by customers, has been extended with a new product – PM X2 moisture analyzer.

The PM X2 represents a new advanced level for moisture analyzers. It is a laboratory measuring instrument intended for fast and accurate determination of relative moisture content and dry mass content in samples.

Customized 5” capacitive touchscreen featuring a new intuitive menu provides the maximum comfort of use right next to ease of operation. PM X2 moisture analyzer, like other X2 series balances, provides the user with hands-free operation of programmed functions, more ergonomic balance operation, endless communication possibilities plus safety and management of data on weighings.

Free configuration of a display and information arrangement can be done by means of hotkeys, customizable information fields and programmable labels. Drying process can be carried out for any temperature and – thanks to databases – particular drying process may be set for a specific product. USB interface ensures quick transfer and copying of any results of your work (measurements, reports, databases) to a computer or other moisture analyzer. Remote access to the moisture analyzer allows for online data management.

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