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New Automatic Scales

DWM balances are designed for dynamic weighing of single products. Due to using the magnetoelectric module, it is possible to weigh quickly with accuracy of 0,01 g and efficiency of 500 items/min (depending on the product size and mass). The scales are intended mainly for pharmaceutical and food industry.

The scales ensure a precise control of packaged products in accordance with the valid norm. They automatically reject the products that do not comply with the norm, which assures the production correctness. In case of very light products, a change in the package moisture (and a change in their mass at the same time) might significantly influence the weighing result. 
DWM series scales allow to monitor and automatically correct the reference mass setting, which guarantees a precise determination of permissible deviations settings for the final product. The complex system of autodiagnostics and line control ensures the appropriate operation of devices, and in case of a fault – spotting the fault source quickly.

The scales feature a colour touchscreen of 12 inch diameter. A friendly, intuitive interface based on Windows Embedded system, and elaborate database service is possible thanks to the SQL Server. The used solutions ensure a series of built-in functions, among others facilitating the service and running statistics.

A standard scale features RS 232 communication port/Ethernet and USB port. An elaborate protocol of communication with the scale and automation system ensure the full integration of the automatic scale and the production line. Connecting the scale to the IT system creates a possibility of the production process monitoring in the real time. It is also possible to register the weighments and generating the reports, considering the scale statistics, quantitative statistics as well as the stoppages and the line failures.
DWM scales are modern and reliable; they boast high efficiency for many branches of industry.

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