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Products certificates

Metrological Certificates
Central Office of Measures
Polish notified body according to directive 90/384/EEC - NAWI. It performs complete tests on RADWAG prototypes of weighing instruments and issues Conformity Certificate Type EC.

No. Instrument type Approval no. No. of notified body
1 WMT PL 04 003 GUM 1440
2 TMC PL 04 004
3 WLT PL 04 011
4 WTX PL 04 024
Český Metrologický Institut
Czech notified body according to directive 90/384/EEC - NAWI and 2004/22/WE - MID. It performs test certificates for prototypes of RADWAG weighing instruments and issues EC Certificate of Type Compatibility. CMI has performed certification of RADWAG quality management system for compatibility with directive 90/384/EEC and 2004/22/EC.

No. Instrument type Approval no. No. of notified body
1 APP xxx/C/2 TCM 128/08-4619 CMI1383
2 AS xxx/C/2 TCM 128/07-4486
3 AS xxx/X TCM 128/08-4642
4 PS xxx/C/1 PS xxx/C/2 TCM 128/08-4595
5 PUE 1/6 ZR 128/05-0044
6 PUE 4H ZR 128/05-0041
7 PUE 5 ZR 128/08-0054
8 PUE C/30 ZR 128/06-0047
9 PUE C41H ZR 128/07-0052
10 PUE C/31, C/31 H, PUE C/31 H/EX ZR 128/06-0050
11 WAS xxx/C/2, WAS xxx/X TCM 128/05-4271
12 WLC xx, WLC xx/C/2 TCM 128/08-4569
13 WPS xxx/C/10 TCM 128/05-4261
14 WTC xx/S, WTC xx/SW, WTC xx/RS, WTC xx/RSW TCM 128/07-4532
15 WXD 200/2000 TCM 128/05-4270
16 XA xxx/X TCM 128/09-4656
17  AS xxx.X2.yy PLUS, AS xxx.R2.yy PLUS TCM 128/19-5697
18 UYA xxx.4Y.yy, MYA xxx.4Y.yy, XA xxx.4Y.yy PLUS TCM 128/15-5342
Nederlands Meetinstituut

No. Instrument type Approval no. No. of notified body
1 WAA, WAX, VX, VXI, UAX-xxxI T6070 NMI 0122
2 WPX, VS, VSI, UPX-xxxxI T6098
3 WPT 20D T6327
4 WAA xxx/C/2, STB, STR, UAA-xxxI T6353
5 WPT 150.O T6362
6 Weighing instruments class  and  (on bases of certified modules) T6496
7 XA xxx T6848
8 PUE C/3 TC6495
9 PUE 1/5 x TC6520
10 PUE HX TC6607
National Type Evaluation Program
American notified body. It performs complete tests of weighing instruments on compatibility with norms valid on territory of USA.

No. Instrument type Approval no.
1 PUE C/31, PUE C/31H 07-043
2 Weighing platforms WPT 07-067
Meteorology Law of the People's Republic of China
Chinese Certifying Office has performed tests on RADWAG weighing instruments and issued type approval document for RADWAG laboratory balances.

No. Instrument type Approval no.
1 Analitycal balances XA 2007-F218
2 Precision balances WPS, WPX, microbalances MXA 2007-F219
Sanayi Ve Ticaret Bakanligi

No. Instrument type No. of notified body
1 WAA xxx/C/2 NMI-0122
2 WAX NMI-0122
3 WPX NMI-0122
4 WPS xxx/C/2 NMI-0122
5 WAS xxx/X TCM 128/05-4271
6 WPS xxx/C/10 TCM 128/05-4261
Ukraine State Metrological System

No. Instrument type No. of notified body
1 XA UA-MI/2p-2119-2006
4 WPS xxx/S
5 WPS 50SX
Russian Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology

No. Instrument type No. of notified body
1 WAX, WPM, HX comparator mass  33761-07
2 WAS 27951-04
3 WPS 28616-05
4 XA, WPX, MXA 34926-07
5 WPS 50SX 29200-05
Special Certificates
Polish notified body TÜV NORD Polska no. 2274. On this basis we have been authorized to self-declare conformity of our medical products with 93/42/EEC MDD directive. Confirmation for the above is TNP/MDD/0033/3673/2012 Approval.

Safety Certificates
Polish National Hygiene Institute
Science and Tests Institute for testing RADWAG weighing instruments on attestation for contact with food and harm of human health and life. It issues Certificate of Health Quality.

No. Instrument type No. of certificate
1 WPTxxx/C, WXD, WPX, WPSxxx/C2, WTXxxx/KTP,
2 WPT/F, WPT/R, WPTxxx/H, WPT/Wxxx/H,WPT/4xxx/H HŻ/D/2310/2/2005
3 WPT/4P2, WPT/4P, WPT/T, WPT/W HŻ/D/2310/3/2005
4 WPT/4N, WPT/2K, WPT/4I HŻ/D/2310/4/2005
5 WPT/D HŻ/C/00820/04
Military Centre for Normalization, Quality and Codification
Polish certifying unit for compatibility with NATO standardizing documentation AQAP. It issues a document: NATO Code of National Market Unit, which is confirmed by a respective certificate.

Main Mining Institute
Notified body according to directive 94/9/EC - ATEX and for quality management system of manufactureres who produce equipment for operation in explosive zones. It performs complete tests of prototypes for operation in explosive zones and issues Test Certificate Type WE. RADWAG has received from Main Mining Institute an Announcement on Quality Assurance.

No. Instrument type Approval no. No. of notified body
GIG 1453
3 WTC/4/EX
4 WTC/4/Z/EX
International Electrotechnical Commission
IEC Certification Scheme for Explosive Atmospheres.
International authority for certification of devices intended for operation in hazardous areas. The certificate allows to introduce the product onto the market without the need to carry out any additional tests.


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