Balanzas multifuncionales TMX15R.300.C2.K

Balanzas multifuncionales TMX15R.300.C2.K en Basculas industriales
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Código de producto: WP-118-0007
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Maxima capacidad: 300kg
Legibilidad [d]: 100g





PUE 5 and a


platform. It is manufactured in the following versions:


TMX series
Dosing scales TMX series
Formula making scales TMX series
TMX labelling scales

Labelling system series TMX is used to print labels for marking weighted goods e.g. in the process of packing. 
The program can generate standard labels for single goods.
Functionality of the software:
- a function of


control (weighing  control + / -), 
- previewing


carried out on


terminal as a table of weighments, 
- simplified reporting module allowing the report to be generated, 
- creation of label templates from labels in weighing terminal, 
- identification of goods by using the code EAN-13 and EAN-128, 
- quick search using the range of barcode scanner, 
- the availability of databases: the operators, products, clients, warehouses, tares (packages), etc. 
The application enables measurements execution and their record into a local database or on the server. Networked terminals allow transmission of the measurements to the parent database installed on the server. 
The ability to work with a computer program ACCOUNTING E2R.
Dosing scales TMX series
Dosing scales is linked to an external automation system, including controls and regulations. This device allows automatic, semi-automatic or manual dosing of loose substances and liquids.
Software of dosing scales series TMX - TERMINAL E2R FORMULA enables weighing of components from selected formula according to production orders. Defining formulas and production orders can be executed from a terminal level or through supervising software with the possibility of declaring thresholds for selected component.

Functional possibilities:
• Access to data bases: assortments, operators, contractors, warehouse, formulas, processed orders and tares,
• Scaling of components


which constitute for a formula (formula


• Possibility of setting tare mass for each component of a formula in dosing mode,
• Declaration of quantity of formula cycles,
• Possibility of interrupting a dosing process at any time,
• Cooperation with external keys for TARE, ENTER, START, STOP, DEFECT,
• Possibility of cooperation with 12 inputs / 12 outputs (opto-isolated),
• Execution of production orders,
• Peviewing weighing records on weighing terminal in a form of a chart or list of orders,
• Simplified Report Module for generation of reports according to set filters: 
    o Product code and name,
    o Operator code and name,
    o Contractor code and name,
    o Formula code and name,
    o Weighing date,
    o Batch number,
    o Scale number.
• Possibility of summing of filtered data in a form of:
• Sum of weighed components mass,
• Quantity of measurements for selected component,
• An average from measurements of weighed component,
• Minimal mass of weighed component,
• Maximal mass of weighed component.
• Operation of peripheral devices:
    o Receipt printers, 
    o Label printers, 
    o Bar code scanner,
    o Transponder card scanner.
Possibility of cooperating with computer software E2R Formula.
Formula making scales TMX series

The software of formula making scales series TMX / R - TERMINAL E2R FORMULA enables weighing of selected components according to production orders. Defining the formulas and production orders can be executed from a terminal or through the supervising software with possibility of declaring the tolerance limits for each component. 
Functional Features:
- the availability of databases of goods, operators, contractors, warehouses,
  formulas, executed contracts, tares (packages), etc. 
- scaling bulk being a part of a formula (weight factor of the recipe) 
- the ability to set the tare mass of individual components during formulation process, 
- declaration of the number of cycles for the given formula, 
- the possibility of interruption a formula making process at any time, 
- cooperation with external TARE, ENTER, START, STOP, FAILURE buttons
- the possibility of using up to 12 inputs / 12 outputs (opto-isolated) 
- execution of production orders
- preview of the weighing records on a


terminal as a table with weighing  data or a table of orders, 
- simplified reporting module allows the report to be generated by the set  filters: 
   • code or the name of the product, 
   • code or the name of the operator, 
   • code or the name of the contractor, 
   • code or the name of the recipe, 
   • date of weighing, 
   • number of batches, 
   • number of weight. 
- the possibility of summing filtered data in a form of: 
   • the sum of the masses of weighted component, 
   • the number of measurements for a given component, 
   • average of the measurements of weighted component, 
   • minimum mass of weighted component, 
   • maximum mass of weighted component,
- support for external devices: 
   • receipt printers, 
   • label printers, 
   • bar code readers, 
   • proximity card readers. 
The ability to work with a computer program E2R.

Tipos de terminales:
  • PUE 5.15R, PUE 5.19R - tecnología de pantalla táctil resistiva. Clase de protección IP68. Alta resistencia a la humedad y al polvo. En comparación con los modelos restantes, calidad limitada y menor resistencia a los golpes y arañazos. Posibilidad de uso con guantes que eviten arañazos (látex, material).
  • PUE 5.15IR, PUE 5.19IR - panel táctil en tecnología de infrarrojos. Grado de protección IP68. Muy alto nivel de brillo y legibilidad de la pantalla. Alta resistencia a la humedad y al polvo. Muy buena resistencia mecánica, la capacidad de utilizar una mano enguantada  (látex, tela o incluso cota de malla).
  • PUE 5.15C, PUE 5.19C - tecnología capacitiva de la pantalla táctil. Clase de protección IP68. Alto brillo y nivel de legibilidad. Alta resistencia a la humedad y al polvo, buena resistencia mecánica. Precisión absoluta de la detección táctil, detectando múltiples puntos de contacto (multi-touch).

Stainless Steel in RADWAG products
Learn about the use and maintenance of stainless steel products:
Stainless Steel in RADWAG products. Standard and special applications




Weighing process for which reference mass has been determined together with tolerance for its determination. Dosing tolerance is given in [%] and it is calculated in relation to the reference value thus being a permissible deviation of this process. This solution is used for weighing powders, liquids and loose materials. Dosing function performance is often supported with bargraph - load indicator. For industrial scales it is possible to use a control systems of dosing process.


Marking products with the right symbols contributes to quick and reliable identification. The balance/scale usually transfers product mass or product quantity to the label printer. The transferred value is printed with the following information: bar code, pictogram, content, address etc. In laboratory the labelling is performed in a semi-automatic mode, for industry in an automatic one (dynamic scales).
Plus/Minus Control

Plus/Minus Control

Control of sample's mass carried out with reference to specified MIN and MAX thresholds. The weight is considered to be correct if it is comprised within threshold values. A graphic visualisation of weighing result is displayed in a form of a bar graph.
Parts counting

Parts counting

Function using mass measurement for determination of  measured items quantity. Mass of a single item is required for this process. It may be either estimated through weighment or taken from a database. For items counting the following algorithm is used: all items mass / single item mass = quantity. Function operation is supperted by a mechanism of Automatic Correction of Accuracy. This allows to update single item mass in course of the process. To a certain extend Automatic Correction of Accuracy eliminates error which may be a result of different mass values of seemingly alike single elements. For industry solutions items counting may be simultaneously carried out with checkweighing and dosing thus industry solutions feature audio signalling base informing that specified number of items has been weighed. It is possible to apply weighing systems using few platfroms of different MAX capacities and different accuracies.


Function supporting the mixture making process, wherein the mixture contains various components. Formulation function usually uses the balance/scale database of components. Formulation serves for monitored checkweighing of every single component with a given tolerance. It is enriched with a set of individual settings.


Statistiscs function registers and analyses performed measurements. This supplies the user withthe following information: Max and Min standard deviation, average value, variance, range et.


Checkweighing function is used for checking whether the measured sample mass is within the predefined threshold values, Low [LO] and Hgh [HI]. The thresholds are given in [g] and [kg] units. Current state of a sample being measured is signalled by means of pictorgams located on a display for laboratory balances, for industrial scales Stackligt System is used. This visual +/- inspection is in operation during segregation, control or packing process of products for which mass has bees determined with a specifaied tolerance, eg. 12860 g 961

Datos tecnicos

Maxima capacidad



Minima cacacidad



Legibilidad [d]



Rango de tara



Clase OIML




15,6” gráfico color touchscreen


Grado de protección

IP 43 construcción, IP 68 (1h max)/69 medidor



2×RS232, 4×USB, RS485, Ethernet


Entradas/Salidas (opcional)

4IN / 4OUT (2×enchufe M12 8P o 2×los cables por prensaestopas)


Modulo adicional de la plataforma de bascula (opcional)

adicional max. 3 pieza (parámetros metrológicos como en la plataforma principal)



100 ÷ 240 V AC 50 / 60 Hz


Potencia consumida por el dispositivo

45 W


Temperatura de trabajo

0 ÷ +40


Humedad relativa de aire

10% ÷ 85% RH sin condensación


Dimensión de platillo



Dimensiones de la unidad de control




Documentación técnica
Publicaciones y materiales didácticos
User Manual - TMX
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Data Sheet
(1.10 MB) EN
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Conformity Declaration
(0.04 MB) EN
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Stainless Steel in RADWAG products. Standard and special applications
(2.44 MB)
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(0.05 MB) EN
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R-Lab (149.39 MB)
Descargar la versión del software con un límite de 1.000 pesajes


Pesas de clase F1 - cilíndrico, le assortiment
Mesas antivibratil para balanzas industriales
E2R System
Controlador LabVIEW “Radwag Balances & Scales”
Impresoras de recibos
Impresoras de etiquetas
Cables de corriente (Bascula a Ethernet)
Moxa UPort 1110 Converter
Cables RS 232 (Bascula a Impresora ZEBRA)
Adaptadores USB


Cables RS 232 (terminale a terminale)
Cable USB (Bascula a Impresora)
Cables RS 232, RS 485
Cables RS 232 (Bascula a Impresora EPSON)
Escáner de códigos de barra


Nombre de producto


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