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Indicators and Terminals

PUE C32 Terminal
PUE C315 Indicator
PUE C/31H Indicator
PUE C/41H Indicator
PUE 7.1 Terminal
HY10 Terminal
PUE 5 Terminal

RADWAG indicators and terminals range is a product group intended for industry.
We can provide you with a reliable solution for any demand of yours, starting from simple weighing operation and record of measurement or printout of reports and labels (PUE C31; PUE C31H), through adaptation to manufacturing processes, to network cooperation (PUE7.1, HY10, PUE5).
Combination of cutting-edge technology, capacitive touchscreen, Windows OS, wide range of interfaces, great number of applications and extensive functionality make the weighing terminal a useful tool, which addresses needs of basic weighing operations and sophisticated manufacturing processes.
The highest degree of IP rating, IP69K, favours use of RADWAG terminals in the most challenging environmental conditions. With innovative solutions of HY10 or PUE5 terminals, such as “traceability processes” or “remote setup”, you can create self-designed process stages or control and operate a particular scale from any place all around the world.

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