Conference CAFMET 2014

From 31 of March to 3 of April in Pretoria (RSA), it took place the 5th international conference of CAFMET 2014 (African Committee of Metrology) as well as the second edition of FORUMESURE. This event was carried out in CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Researches International Convention Centre). It was a week of exchange about the following themes:
  • Organization of metrology,
  • Legal metrology,
  • Metrology in Africa,
  • Accreditation and certification,
  • Education and training in metrology,
  • Measurement in various fields (industry, health, environment, civil engineering, nuclear energy, renewable energy),
  • Standardization,
  • Dimensional and optical measurement,
  • Temperature and humidity measurement,
  • Electrical and electromagnetic measurement,
  • Mass, volume and pressure measurement,
  • Statistical process control,
  • Estimation of measurement uncertainty,
  • Interlaboratory Comparisons.
This conference joined about 80 persons who represented the African National Metrological Institutes, National Standardization Offices, Privet and Public High Level Education Establishments as well as 5 companies with their own stands exposing their "KNOW HOW".
The stand of RADWAG attracted the attention of several participants, who were interested in our exposing devices: mass comparator model AK-4/1000, analytical balance model XA 220.3Y.A with automatic opening weighing chamber system and kit for pipettes calibration. Moreover our company took part in the technical session as well as the poster session presenting the following themes:
  • Gravimetric method for calibration of piston’s pipettes,
  • Evaporation minimization at piston pipettes calibration by gravimetric method thanks to using an evaporation trap.
During this event our delegation was opportunity to visit the laboratory of NMISA (National Metrology Institute of South Africa) what was very interesting experience for us.

From this place we would like to thank all participants for the visiting our stand as well as for the attention given to our company and for the spent together moments.
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