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Mass Comparators
Mass comparators designed to allow comparison of mass standards of class E1-M2 are intended to ensure traceability of the measurement and to enable weight verification accordant with the requirements of OIML R111 standard. These instruments are second to none in terms of accuracy and precision of comparison.

The NANO.AK-4/500 mass comparator of the latest generation enables comparison of micro-mass standards ranging from 50 µg to 500 mg
Now you can calibrate mass standards much smaller than those described in the OIML
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RADWAG mass comparator range includes the most advanced devices of very high accuracy and measurement precision. Some selected mass comparators apart from comparison of mass standards allow to carry out determination of mass standard density and magnetic susceptibility tests. Vast range of various devices facilitates realisation of the processes in a robotic, automatic or manual mode.

Robotic mass comparators permit fully automatic comparison of mass standards thus eliminating the risk of errors caused by so called human factor. A proprietary software makes it possible for a user to prepare a comparison plan, set mass standards in a magazine, it also records and reports results of the performed measurements. Automatic mass comparators realise the measuring process in a fully automatic mode providing the users with a highly precise measurement within a short time. Manual mass comparators enable calibration of mass standards and weights in a way allowing the user to keep full control over the process.

Vacuum mass comparators are manufactured mostly to be installed in national institutes of metrology, they serve one main purpose, namely to maintain the national 1 kg mass standard. The measurement is realised either in vacuum or in atmosphere of noble gases. This product group comprises also mass comparators for determination of mass standard density and volume, as well as highly precise susceptometers for measurement of susceptibility and permanent magnetization of weight.
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