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RADWAG mass comparators offer the highest readability, i.e. d=0.1µg, and resolution up to 100mln divisions. Both readability and resolution are the most crucial factors having influence on comparison quality.
The automatic mass comparators we design are characteristic for great repeatability, this feature is especially advantageous for National Measurement Offices and mass laboratories that aim to obtain the highest weighing accuracy for class E1, and reduce measurement uncertainty to the minimum.
Our mass comparators are useful wherever determination of the slightest weight difference is a must, especially in mechanical and electronics industry and where gas cylinder filling operation is supervised, i.e. in petrochemical and chemical industries.
Owing to use of RADWAG mass comparators the petrochemical and chemical industries can minimize measurement uncertainty which helps to provide the top gas mixture quality.
RADWAG mass comparator range comprises fully automatic devices (UMA, AK, AKM series) and manual solutions (WAY.KO, APP.KO, HRP.KO series) offering comparison of weight with readability of 0.1µg – 2t. Additionally we can provide you with systems for comparators network management (RMCS) and advice on device selection, installation, adaptation, trainings or complete mass control validation.

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